How Do I Get My New Computer to Connect to a Wireless Router?


In case you have bought a new laptop/ wireless router and are heads down as to how to get your internet connection up and running, here is a quick set-up guide that would let you configure your router and computer, to access internet from your device, remotely.

It would take hardly 2-3 minutes of time, if you follow the setup accurately.

  1. Installation: Firstly, select an appropriate location to place your router. Ideally, it should be installed in a place where there is more open space and preferably at the epicentre of your home/office.
  2. Follow the manual: You can skip this part, if you have already had a service personnel configure your router as per your Internet connection preferences. However, if not, it is advised to follow the instructions scripted in the manual provided with the router, for initializing the router. For this, you may require a wired connection (connecting your PC and router through a LAN cable), as the router won’t authenticate your device at first.
  3. Setting things up: To configure your router-settings manually (in case a CD is not provided), you would need to open a browser and type in the IP address which is or An alert would pop-up asking for username and password.

    In most cases, typing admin as the username and admin as the password works out just fine (For the first time though). In case, you have been provided with a pre-set username and password in the router documentation, you can enter the same.

  4. Configuring: Now comes the tricky part. If you wish to use the router for connecting to the Internet, you would have to select the following option for the corresponding connection types:

    a) DSL: If you have a DSL link connection (in layman terms, a Broadband connection), you would have to select the PPPoE setting and user the username and password provided by your ISP.

    b) Static IP: In case you have a static IP (in case you have additionally bought it), you would have to enter the corresponding IP information in the checkboxes.

  5. Securing your connection: For setting up your router using Wi-Fi, you would have to enter an SSID (service set identifier) and WEP key (Wireless Encryption Key), which encrypts the data packets using the given key, to avoid any interception. Besides, it is strictly advisable to protect your Wi-Fi connection with a strong password.

    You can change/set it by referring the router documentation. Failing to do so, would only increase your neighbour’s incessant love for you. Period.

  6. Finalizing: Now on the Wi-Fi connection in your notebook/computer. Go to “Available Networks” (In the System Tray, hover over Network), go to Add a network, then click on configure and then enter your SSID and WEP key. Done!

Your connection would now be listed in Available networks. Just click->Connect and enter the password (if any) and voila! You are surfing the web!

However, if things don’t work expectedly, TRY:

a) Reboot your router. (Allow a lapse of at least 10 seconds)

b) Disable your firewall temporarily

c) Reset your router. There should be a key at the back of the router. This would reset your router to factory settings.

d) Getting into the nitty-gritty of the user specification. Most of the times, the aforementioned set-up should work. However if it doesn’t, we would advise you to read the documentation and check if all the settings are in order.

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