New Features that Will Come with Windows 8


Windows 8 is going to be a completely new avatar of Windows, and this version is indisputably is going to be the epitome of operating systems. From chip to UI, Microsoft has not left a stone unturned in getting things right this time. So, here’s a quick sneak-peek into some elite features of Windows 8.

Metro Style – it’s a Completely New Windows

The humdrum start-menu has been replaced with a more flamboyant metro style interface. According to Microsoft, Metro interface would be divided into some blocks, which they call “Live Tiles”. These tiny tiles show live feed of data from IM, mail or other social networking services.

Touch Screen Support

Windows 8 would be the first version of Windows to come with an integrated support for touchscreen. Hence, the prime conception behind the layout of Metro-style interface (The tiles and sliding feel) was the touch-screen affiliation.

Multi-screen Support

Windows 8 also offers a multi-monitor support, which renders the metro-interface on one monitor and the windows UI on the other.

Smart Task Manager and Control Panel

The new smart task manager is overtly dexterous, something which we always wanted to see. It very smartly handles all your resources by listing applications independent of the quintessential background processes, giving users streamline statistics of CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage and network usage by the process. (See the below figure)

The control panel is also significantly improved. Users can now personalize their lock screen, manage their app notifications and tweak software settings, by the courtesy of an extremely user-friendly interface.

Windows App Store

With a relentless strive to take on Apple; Windows has decided to integrate a concept similar to iTunes in its newer version of Windows. The Windows App Store will be a personalized store for downloading win32 applications and metro-style apps. Besides giving a tough competition to Apple, this store would ameliorate app developers to develop app on Windows platform.

Refresh and Reset

Windows 8 would come with a completely distinctive feature called “Windows Assessment Console” which would allow users to compare newer and older versions of system setups. While the refresh feature would refresh the PC without affecting any files, the reset feature would allow users to remove all the installed programs and restore the whole system to its initial values, without compromising on your personal files and data.

Faster Booting

Windows 8 promises a cold system boot. The system is expected to be up and running in less than 8 seconds. It’s pretty impressive.

ARM Support

Perhaps the most significant feature of Windows 8 which would make it a complete game-changer; Windows 8 is all set to operate both on ARM as well as Intel x86 platforms. This support would allow Windows 8 to compete in both the tablet as well as notebook segment, which would make it an extremely coveted OS.

Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 is going to be more than just a browser. With ingenious functionalities like a full touch-sensitive on-screen key-board, virtual “thumb”, draw mode, enhanced magnifier and much more, this browser would play a major role in optimizing Windows 8 for the Metro-style looks.

Improved Security Features

Another feature which has been considerably improved in Windows 8 is the security. With stronger encryption algorithms and an improved version of Windows Defender, you can now surf and protect your sensitive data efficiently and securely.

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