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What Can (and Can’t) Be Upgraded or Repaired on a Laptop


In general, laptops are much more difficult to repair than PCs, and it’s understandable why they would be. Every model of laptop must be designed very specifically in order to cram all the needed computer goodness into such a small package. Unfortunately, all this engineering leads to a product that is very unique and, therefore, […]

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Has USB finally Met its Match? Meet Thunderbolt!

Tech aficionados may have heard a thing or two about Intel’s “Light Peak” over the last couple of years. It was an all-powerful new I/O interface meant as an all-in-one replacement for several of the data connections currently popular in computers—though it hasn’t received much media attention while in development. That changed today when Intel […]

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ATI CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI – Brothers of a Different Mother(board)

High-end gaming rigs can get pretty crazy. Expensive, shiny cases with glowing liquid cooling tubes, after-market CPU coolers the size of lawnmower engines, more effects lighting than a Honda Accord from the Fast and the Furious, and, of course, SLI or CrossFire configured video cards. For the uninitiated, SLI and CrossFire refer to the installation […]

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